About Maziga

Our Story

A Modern Indian cuisine restaurant from Singapore’s Clark Quay. A first of its kind from Singapore, Maziga Indian Bar & Grill follows the concept of a casual style cafe and dining experience with a Modern Indian cuisine menu that brings old Indian favourites, but with a twist. Created by Chef Javed Ahamad and team, the folks behind Singapore’s premier Indian restaurant Maziga. The Modern Indian Cuisine now opens shop at Whitefield’s VR Bengaluru Mall. It’s first outpost in Bangalore and India.

It promises to create an innovative Indian dining experience in a trendy and fun environment. And what does “Maziga” mean exactly? The term refers to cooking in traditional earthen pots. Chef Javed Ahmed takes on traditional dishes such as kebabs created by the Nawabs and turns them into a patty for his Kulha burgers — a menu signature. While the vibe of the restaurant is contemporary and new age,the menu is very Indian and rooted, but with a playful twist. The seating at Maziga is comfortable and plush but not overdone because the focus here is on the food.The ceiling is perked up with a giant crystal drops chandelier-style lighting

The Food

Now coming to the a-la-carte menu.Start your meal with good ‘ol Pind Wali Kesar Lassi, Shikanji, Matta or Jal Jeera. There’s also Blueberry or Avocado Lassi. Pick from salads such as the Murgh Tikka Caesar Salad or soups such as Broccoli & Lentil Shorba. From the Chaat Bazaar section, pick Methi Papadi Chaat to Mumbai Beach Ragda Pattie, or the trendier Artichoke and Kale Chaat and Goat Cheese Samosa. The pan grilled kebabs section includes choices like Tava Scallops, Daniwal Aloo Paneer Tikki with Raspberry & Amchur Chutney and Lamb Galouti Kebabs. And wait! There’s Chicken Tikka Popcorn with Truffle Mash, Maziga Naanlets and Maska Pao Bhaji Fondue too. The big, fat barbecue section offers vegetarian and non vegetarian grills — all done in the tandoor. Vegetarians, take your pick from Peshawari Bharwan Aloo, Dahi Wale Kebab or Mazika Chukunder Aur Quinoa Seekh Kebab. For non vegetarians, there is the Amritsari Crab Kaffir Lime Korma Sauce, Tandoori Lobster, Tandoori Duck and generous kebab and seafood platters. The mains comprise curries with national representation — from Rajasthani Saunf Wale Aloo to Tandoori Gobi Mussalam and Jaipuri Bhindi Masala to Kashmiri Rogan Josh and Chettinad Duck Curry. The desserts come with a few Bangalore twists such as the Malai Mawa & Gulkand Cheese Cake the Kurkuri Mysore Pak Halwa. But there’s also the quirky Bournvita Phirni and Masala Thandai Panna Cotta.

An Ode To Singapore

With a nod to its Singapore roots, Maziga offers the classic Singapore Sling with gin and cherry brandy. Classic like Negroni, Bloody Mary, Daiquiri, and Manhattan are also on the menu along with Martinis and Margaritas. There’s also a selection of internationals beers, aperitifs and shooters to pick from.