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A first of its kind from Singapore, Maziga Indian Bar & Grill follows the concept of a casual style cafe and dining experience with a Modern Indian cuisine menu that brings old Indian favourites, but with a twist. Created by Chef Javed Ahamad and team. It promises to create an innovative Indian dining experience in a trendy and fun environment. And what does “Maziga” mean exactly? The term refers to cooking in traditional earthen pots. Chef Javed Ahmed takes on traditional dishes such as kebabs created by the nawabs and turns them into a patty for his Kulha burgers — a menu signature. While the vibe of the restaurant is contemporary and new age, the menu is very Indian and rooted, but with a playful twist. The seating at Maziga is comfortable and plush but not overdone because the focus here is on the food. The ceiling is perked up with a giant crystal drops chandelier-style lighting.



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